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Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Day 3 (7 Videos)

35W Bridge Trivute

A Tribute Video For I-35W Bridge Collapse In Minneapolis, Mn On 8-1-07

First Look: I-35W Bridge Probe (CBS News)

A childs cry for help

Among the survivors of the bridge crash is 10 year old Kaleigh Swift, who was travelling across the bridge on a schoolbus as it gave away. She called her mother and left this message on her voicemail.

Reliving the bridge collapse

BBC World News

Mississippi Bridge Minnesota

Slide Show

US bridges tested in wake of Mississippi disaster

US bridges tested in wake of Mississippi disaster
How could it happen? That is the question authorities in the US are desperately seeking to answer amid an ongoing operation to recover bodies after the collapse of a bridge in Minneapolis. At least four people are known to have died but eight are still missing and the death toll is expected to rise. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar expressed the...

Dramatic Bridge collapse footage

Nothing but footage and sirens 2007
Minnesota Bridge Collapse

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  2. My heart goes out to the City and it’s people.

    But Also to the Engineers whose design and stewardship of the bridge is suspect until proved otherwise.

    It is quite possible that the design of the bridge structure itself, and its condition were not at all at fault. The failure looks like situation similar to an earthquake-induced failure, which attacks the earth zone supporting the bridge piers, but apparently there was no earthquake, so suggest look for indicators of deterioration of the earth-to-pier footing environment of the pier at the river edge at the river end of the first section to fall. Perhaps river got you. River action (permeation, scouring, hydraulic pressures, bad mud characteristics, shale permeation) which altered the pier footings environment, or something changed in the underlying strata. Is there porous limestone down there? It would take only a few inches shift in footings system to dislocate the supports of the first span and then the domino effect follows on the rest of the bridge. Could be no fault will be found with the design of the bridge or inspection program. With respect to traffic impact on the bridge, with all the mass of the bridge that the design supports, and how much greater the bridge mass is in comparison to the live loads, hard to think that the live loads caused failure. There have been cases of cross wind taking out a bridge with wind-induced harmonics in the bridge spans, but this bridge has a long history and I haven’t heard anything about weather being a factor.

    God give you strength, and please forgive me if I’m being presumptuous.

    Comment by Ron Brookes | 08/04/2007 | Reply

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