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About Bridge Collapse + US Infrastructure Problems

12 Vital Areas that the US and State Governments have been neglecting.

On just the one item – Bridge Repair – All the states are complaining that it will take Billions to repair!

My Question – What have you States done with all the money that was supposed to be earmarked for Bridge Repair over the years????

Answer: You crooked, selfish politicians sucked it up for your own pet projects, and schemes.

Just in PA alone the lowlife pols have added to the recently passed budget, at least $360 million in WAMs (Walking Around Money) to pass out to pet projects in legislative districts.

Media reported $6 million paid by the House alone for so-called “public service ads” for incumbent lawmakers prior to the most competitive election in decades.

Media revealed that legislative leaders have amassed a $215 million slush fund

Lawmakers repealed the pay raise, but many kept the “unvouchered expenses” and the COLA. In fact, they’ve taken two COLAs since the pay raise, thereby increasing their pensions with an unconstitutional and repealed pay raise.

and recently paid $3.6 million in illegal bonuses to legislative staff as rewards for work on political campaigns or to channel taxpayer funds into political campaigns.

Let’s see how much of OUR MONEY for Bridge, Road Repair, etc., etc., has been diddled away by our “Lord and Master” Politicians.
WAMS – $360 million x 10 years = $3.6 Billion Dollars
(20 years = $7.2 Billion) Wow that fixes most if not all of our bridges.

PA has been letting our Infrastructure Rot for 30 to 40 years now.

Now let’s just look at one year:
WAMS $360 Million
P BS Ads $ 6 Million
Slush Fund $215 Million
COLAs $??? Million
Illegal Bonuses $ 3.6 Million
Plus what else is hidden?
Just this past year $584.6 Million Plus!

That takes care of a lot of bridges, etc., and you use OUR MONEY for the good of the people NOT for the LAZY, SHIFTLESS POLITICIAN…

In 20 years that’s $11.7 BILLION DOLLARS… in just Pennsylvania!

How much more is hidden away to be used for their own benefit???
Another $500 – $600 Million per year????

How much has your State’s Politicians RIPPED YOU OFF FOR???

Don’t let them get away with putting us in danger just to feed their greed.
Hold their feet to the fire!
And vote them all out of office!
From Local, State and Federal.

Get a fresh crew in every 4 years until they get it right!

—Grumpy Old Man

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