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Where’s The Fence?

— Posted By Grumpy Old Man

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Last year, Congress and the President promised 700 miles of fence. With amnesty defeated, the question remains
“Where’s The Fence?”
has developed a media and grassroots campaign around these three powerful words — “Where’s The Fence?”™ Through breakthrough TV spots, radio, Internet and grassroots efforts Grassfire will continue to reach millions and hold Congress accountable until the fence is built.

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Our 700 miles of fence is about 5.4% complete if my math is correct. Let’s see that was promised last year and the bill was signed Oct 26, 2006, sooo it will take about 18 years to complete.

Since about 25% of the Illegals coming through aren’t Mexican, how many are Terrorists? 50, 100, a 1000 or 30, 000 per year?
I don’t know. Does anyone?

Let’s see another way, we have 12 to 20 Million illegals now in the USA. At 2% of 20 Million would equal close to 1/2 Million Terrorists in 18 years. 1% is about 1/4 Million (250,000) Terrorists.

If it’s even 1/10th of this amount we may as well put our head between our legs and kiss our ass goodbye!

If we are serious about this Great Country of ours and the Quality of our Lives then we must HOLD CONGRESS’ FEET TO THE FIRE!

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